• HEARTHWARE SUPREMO Burr Coffee Grinder + Artisan-Roasted Coffee

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    This grinder is discontinued. We only have two left. Our substitute is the Baratza Encore but it sells for $139


    • 17 position grind selector gives you the option to grind from very fine, Turkish and Espresso, to extremely coarse for French Press or cold water Filtration systems.
    • Removable burr grinding wheel for easy cleaning.
    • Clear visible markings.
    • Simple to clean high gloss finish.
    • Grinds beans for 1 to 12 cups of coffee automatically.
    • Large 1/4 lb. Capacity hopper.
    • Powerful 130 watt motor.

    If you are serious about your coffee and either roast at home, or buy whole beans, then you need a strong blade coffee grinder or a burr coffee grinder, like this one. Using a coffee grinder at home produces significantly better-tasting coffee than buying ground coffee at the store (or online!)

    So what's the difference between a burr and blade grinder? A burr grinder has teeth that cut the coffee beans in one pass, without overheating, nor destroying them. A burr grinder has different settings and allows you to pick the type of grind (very fine to coarse) desired. This is what commercial coffee grinders do. A blade grinder has a rotating knife that cuts the bean repeatedly (until pulverized, if kept on long enough or if you have a weak motor). Weak blade grinders (under 100 watts) heat the coffee beans, causing flavor loss. With a blade grinder, the degree of grind is controlled by the amount of time the engine is engaged. So, if you are going to get a blade grinder, make sure it has a powerful motor.

    A burr coffee grinder is good for all types of coffee brewing methods. A blade coffee grinder is not recommended for very fine grinds (Espresso or Turkish/Greek). In our humble opinion, this is the best-value burr coffee grinder in the market today. You can't find a better burr grinder for under $50.

    The Hearthware Supremo Coffee Mill has the virtuous combination of being both high-quality and reasonably priced. It is compact and portable. It automatically dispenses ground coffee with the push of a button. The adjustable grinding wheel allows you up to 17 grind settings. You can grind beans for one to 12 cups of coffee (very fine, for espresso to extremely coarse, for French press). It has a 1/4 lb. capacity container. The grinding burr is removable for simple, easy cleaning. It shold be cleaned on a regular basis, for optimal performance.

    As detailed the product's features above, this grinder has two knobs (wheels) that adjust: 1) Amount of coffee ground (from 1 to 12 cups of coffee) and 2) Coarseness of the grind with 17 settings from "Very Fine" for Espresso and Turkish/Greek coffee to "Very Coarse" for Press (French) Pot and Percolator.

    This is a UL-listed, electrical kitchen appliance. It has a powerful 130 watt motor. It comes with a Owner's Manual (Care and Use Guide), and warranty information. The unit measures 10" by 6" by 4" and weighs about 3 pounds. Shipping weight, including free coffee samples, is about 4 lbs.

    Warranty and Repair Info: The grinder is covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. To obtain service under the warranty, call Hearthware Home products 847-775-8123 (or email at customerservice@hearthware.com) and obtain an RMA number and follow their directions to make a claim.

    We will include, at no extra cost, one 2.5 oz. bag of  excellent quality small-batch roasted coffee beans to get you started on quality grinding, as soon as you open the box!

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