• Sonofresco One Kilo Tabletop Flagship Commercial Coffee Roaster (230volts, 50Hz, 1.5 amps). Free 18lbs. of coffee

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    This roaster comes WITHOUT ADR (Advanced Definition Roaster Software). You can add it for $750 more by clicking here.

    Do you want to start ( or double the size of) a roasted coffee business? If so, this is the perfect coffee roaster to get started or get moving!. The one kilo Sonofresco Coffee Roaster is an affordable work horse, producing up to 25 kilos of roasted coffee per 8-hour day.  With twice the roasting capacity of the half-kilo roaster, you can double your productivity without doubling your price. Coffee beans roasted in a Sonofresco roaster are comparable to the best commercial drum roasters on the market, at a fraction of the price. With a Sonofresco roaster you will easily roast the freshest coffee in the industry – you and your customers will taste the difference.

    Not only is it easy to use and very transportable, we can also provide you with wholesale-price green coffee beans to get you started and going. Concentrate on developing your business and taking care of your customers (what really makes a business successful) and we will take care of your coffee roaster and your green coffee supply, with some of the best, award-winning, single origin and select-terroir coffee beans in the world.

    Free Coffee Samples: We will send, at no extra cost, three samples (six pounds each, 18 pounds total) of very-high-quality Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Colombian & Costa Rican specialty green coffee beans to get you started on roasting, as soon as you open the box! These beans are 100% Arabica. You will receive samples of our Invalsa A, Invalsa AA and Invalsa AAA coffee beans, all bagged in GrainPro® bags (or vacuum-packed) at origin. If you prefer (mainly custom regulations internationally), we can skip shipping the coffee beans. Please let us know. This free-shipping offer only applies to domestic sales. For international orders, we will gladly send  the 18 lbs via International Priority Mail for $ 60, shipping charge.

    Roaster features:

    • Roast up to 3 x 2 lb. batches per hour, producing up to 25 kilos of roasted coffee per 8-hour day
    • Visible Roasting Process. Great appeal for retail, coffeehouse operations
    • Seven Pounds of Roasted Coffee per Hour Capacity
    • Simple push-button controls – no prior roasting experience needed
    • Customize roast profiles using optional ADR control
    • Gas-fired, Proven Home-heating, Gas-furnace Technology
    • Newly designed stainless steel temperature sensor improves durability and lifespan
    • Simple venting options available
    • Safe to operate. Approved for Commercial Installations
    • New blower access plate for easy cleaning
    • New gas mount plate allows easy conversion from Propane to Natural Gas
    • Inventory Control: No waste – roast only as much as you need
    • Electrical requirements: 230volts, 50hz, 1.5amps
    • BTUs: LPG-31,000hr/NG-27,000hr
    • Easy to Use. Operated by entry-level personnel with minimal training. Does not require dedicated attendant
    • Batch Time: 16 to 19 Minutes Including cool down. Operator hands-on time: 1-2 minutes/batch
    • Roast coffee while performing other tasks (selling coffee, preparing drinks, etc.)
    • Quickly Pays For Itself
    • UL/CSA Listed
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA
    • Shipping Weight: 95 lbs. DIMS: 33X25X19 inches

    In our opinion, and based on our own experience, the American-made Sonofresco is the best, easiest-to-use small-batch, commercial coffee roaster available in the market today. You can roast from Cinnamon (light brown) to Very Dark (French Roast), even you preferred espresso blend. This is a continuous-use, commercial-grade machine.

    It is intended for the small to medium size coffee house or the boutique custom roaster. It uses home-heating, gas furnace technology and hence it is quite safe and dependable. It also has a microprocessor to control the roaster profile and to allow manual, digital adjustments for roasting levels. It requires minimal training and can be used by any employee, right out of the box!

    The one-kilo version doubles your roasted coffee production using the same simple, proven and reliable technology. All roaster parts are exactly the same, except the roasting chamber, the temperature sensor and the chaff collector, and replacement parts can be used interchangeably between the two versions.

    It only weighs 75 lbs. and can be easily transported to coffee carts, trade shows, demonstration events, farmer markets, mobile units or any other event that would appreciate fresh-roasted coffee. Because it uses the fluid-bed roasting principle, the roasting chamber is made out of glass and allows visual inspection of the roasting beans. It generates sufficient roasting aroma and "show" to attract customers and amazed coffee drinkers. It is designed to be used up-front, on a counter top, in plain view of customers and by passers by. In fact, the sight and aroma of the roaster working adds to customer traffic and becomes a memorable experience.

    This a brand new, electrical and propane (or natural gas) UL-listed, heavy-duty, commercial coffee roaster. It is fully-warranted by the manufacturer (1-year). It includes the User's Manual (with color pictures), and detailed roasting instructions. The unit measures (30" tall, 22" deep, and 13" wide. Shipping weight is about 95 pounds.

    Because of its relative small roasting capacity (compared to other commercial roasters) it does not require an afterburner, but it produces smoke (especially on dark roasts) and requires ventilation if used indoors. We sell an optional, very attractive, color coordinated venting hood, but any kitchen hood with a good vent will also do. It is very important to empty and clean the chaff collector after every roast. Regular maintenance includes washing (with dish washer soap) and scrubbing the roasting chamber, chaff collector, screen and heat sensor every 100 roasts or so.

    We are the East Coast distributor, located 40 miles north of Boston and we have working units that you are welcome to observe and "kick the tires", so to speak. We service and support what we sell, and we stock all necessary parts for immediate shipment.

    PLEASE NOTE that we strongly recommend purchasing shipping insurance on this item. It is a valuable item, and waiving insurance means that you will bear all of the risk of loss or damage after we ship this item to you.

  • Sonofresco One Kilo Tabletop Flagship Commercial Coffee Roaster (230volts, 50Hz, 1.5 amps). Free 18lbs. of coffee
  • Sonofresco One Kilo Tabletop Flagship Commercial Coffee Roaster (230volts, 50Hz, 1.5 amps). Free 18lbs. of coffee

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