• Cup of Excellence: 2020 Costa Rica National Winner Flor del Cafe -Carlos Barantes Microlot Roast. NEW ARRIVAL!

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  • Description

    Origin Costa Rica
    Region Lourdes de Naranjo, Alajuela
    Farm / Coop Flor del Cafe -Carlos Barrantes & family
    Altitude 1,500 meters (4,650 feet)
    Varietals Kenya SL28
    Processing Honey
    Certifications N/A
    Cup Notes JURY SCORE: 86.6.   AROMA/FLAVOR: Berries, Green Apple, Orange, Honey, Caramel, Papaya, Lemon Tea, Watermelon, Strawberry Jam, Mango, Jasmine, Milk Chocolate, Hibiscus, Honey, Mandarin Orange.  ACIDITY: citric with tinges of malic (green apple) and phosphoric (Coca Cola).  OTHER: Sugar Candy, Well rounded, Super clean, Transparent, Well balanced, Syrupy, Smooth mouthfeel,

    We purchased this award-winning microlot at a COE-run International Auction. The coffee beans were packed at origin in 50-kilo (110 lbs.) GrainPro® bags.

    These coffee beans won second place as National Winners (the preliminary round before final Cup of Excellence winners) in Costa Rica's 2020 Cup of Excellence competition, with an average cupping score from the international judges of 86.55.

    The farm is called Flor de Café which means coffee flower. This name was chosen by Carlos' daughters Karla and Cristel because on one occasion when they walked through the farm, it was in full bloom. With much admiration to see how beautiful it was during the flowering period, they suggested the name.

    Carlos continues: "This farm belonged to my family since 2003. I inherited it from my father Manuel Barrantes, who taught us to work and to value the work that is done with coffee." This farm is located 1500 meters high in Lourdes de Naranjo county, Alajuela Province. The farm is 4 hectares and we have about 8000 Kenya coffee trees.

    "Fifteen years ago, STARBUCKS  looked for a proper farm with fertile soil and excellent production (quality and quantity) to experiment with a seed they wanted to develop in Costa Rica: Kenya SL28.  Among the different farms they looked they chose ours. We were the first farm to plant such variety in Costa Rica.  Nine years ago when we started our Micro Mill: "LA PERLA DEL CAFE", this variety become known in our country."

    "The Micro Mill is managed by all four members or our family: myself, Carlos, my wife Diana and our two daughters: Karla And Cristel."  Please enjoy the pictures!

    Carlos continues: "Since 2013 we have been able to position ourselves as winners in the Cup of Excellence competitions with our farms: FLOR DE CAFÉ and CHISPITA. Finca CHISPITA, in 2018 obtained fifth place  at the COE competition. Finca Flor de Café obtained the eleventh position in  2018.  This should highlight our continuity and passion of our working farm and our family."  Well said, Carlos.