• Bolivia Micro-lot: Braulio Luque (Cima del Jaguar). New Arrival!

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    Origin Bolivia
    Region Caranavi
    Farm / Coop Cima del Jaguar (Jaguar's Peak)
    Altitude 5,575 - 6,235 feet
    Farm Size 4 hectares.
    Varietals Caturra (75%), Catuai (25%)
    Processing Fully washed
    Certifications Grown using organic practices but not certified
    Crop Year 2016/17
    Cup Notes

    85.5 points. FLAVOR/AROMA: Dark chocolate, almond, earthy. ACIDITY: Mild citric, Meyer lemon. OTHER: Transparent and sweet. Full, strong flavor. Nice light aftertaste. Excellent coffee for a breakfast staple or a dark roast blend.

    Arrived on April 2017. New Crop. Vacuum-packed at origin in three 10-kilo bags.

    Unfortunately, we have began rationing this coffee. It is now available only in small retail quantities. Sorry

    Braulio Luque lives with his wife Aida Titirico and three children in Cima del Jaguar, a group of farms in the Kantutani area, over 5,000 feet above sea level, that is named for the wild Bolivian jaguars who also live there. Braulio, Aida, and Braulio's brother Eulogio all grow coffee, and all placed in the Bolivia Cup of Excellence competitions until the last Bolivia COE in 2009. They all work together, but they keep their production separate. Invalsa is currently working with Braulio's brother in law, Juan Jose Machicado to construct a mechanized wet mill in Kantutani to increase the efficiency and quality of Kantutani's production. We are proud to have been working with the producers of Cima del Jaguar for over eight years now.

    Besides being an accomplished coffee grower, Braulio is an avid hunter (deer, agouti, wild hens) having served as a sharp shooter in the Bolivian army during his youth, in the mandatory military service for all Bolivians.  He also drives machinery and heavy duty trucks for the Bolivian Road Authority during the off season. He is an accomplished coffee grower, having obtained the top three spots during the last three Bolivia Cup of Excellence competitions.


  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Braulio Luque (Cima del Jaguar). New Arrival!
  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Braulio Luque (Cima del Jaguar). New Arrival!
  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Braulio Luque (Cima del Jaguar). New Arrival!

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