• Bolivia Micro-lot: Lorenzo Hilari (Siete Estrellas). New arrival!

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    Origin Bolivia
    Region Caranavi
    Farm / Coop Colonia Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars)
    Altitude 4,650 feet
    Farm Size 4 hectares.
    Varietals Typica (criollo), Caturra, Catuai
    Processing Fully washed
    Certifications Grown using organic practices but not certified
    Cup Notes

    Score: 86.5 points. FLAVOR/AROMA: Mellow, strawberry, rose flower. ACIDITY: Nice combo of mainly citric but hints of malic (green apple). OTHER: Complex character. Full flavor. Nice heavy aftertaste. Excellent coffee for single-origin espresso and medium roasts.

    Arrived on April 2017. New Crop. Vacuum-packed at origin in three 10-kilo bags.

    Lorenzo is a leading coffee farmer in the community of Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars), which has been a partner of Invalsa's for over ten years. He is the current leader of the Siete Estrellas Community and spends a lot of his time working and helping group member produce better coffee. He bought the next- door farm of his famous and very successful sister Andrea Hilari (winner of several COE competitions). Unfortunately, Andrea had some health issues and could not farm any more. Now Lorenzo and his son Rolando manage both his and his sister's former farm.

    Lorenzo and his wife, Noemi Yujra, have three sons (Rolando, Elias, Danilo) and a daughter, Yessica. Lorenzo has been farming coffee for over 17 years, when he inherited the farm from his parents. His happy and proud to work in coffee. They work hard to keep the farm organic, "without contamination", as he says. He is happy to work with INVALSA. He says: "We get good prices and an assured market for our products in Boston."

    His most important tradition, which he learned from his grandparents, is to "challar" (bless) using Aymara Customs for the New Year, when he "receives clues on rain dates and more."  He enjoys drinking his own coffee, roasted in a clay pot on an open fire, "specially in Winter". We visit Lorenzo's farm several times a year, more frequently during the harvest season.

  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Lorenzo Hilari (Siete Estrellas). New arrival!
  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Lorenzo Hilari (Siete Estrellas). New arrival!
  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Lorenzo Hilari (Siete Estrellas). New arrival!

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