• Bolivia Micro-lot: Ovidio Paco (Siete Estrellas). New Arrival at the ANNEX!

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    Please note that this coffee is warehoused in vacuum-packed 30-kilo boxes at the Annex in Oakland, CA, so wholesale orders of 66 lbs or more will be shipped via Fedex Ground or LTL (truck) from the Annex. LTL shipping quotes will be provided after order is placed online.

    Origin Bolivia
    Region Caranavi
    Farm / Coop Colonia Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars)
    Altitude 1600 m / 5000 ft
    Farm Size 2 hectares of coffee, 10 ha total farm size.
    Varietals 50% Criollo (Typica) and 50% Caturra
    Processing Fully washed
    Certifications Organic by Ceres, GmbH and Baystate Organic Certifiers
    Cup Notes

    Cupping Score 86.25. FLAVOR/AROMA: Fragrant, Sweet oranges. Vanilla. ACIDITY: Effervescent citric (oranges). OTHER: Clean and sweet. Round, balanced body. Velvety aftertaste. Wonderful  coffee that you cannot stop drinking.

    Arrived on April 2017. New Crop. Vacuum-packed at origin in three 10-kilo bags.

    Ovidio is a coffee farmer in the community of Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars), which has been a partner of Invalsa's for over ten years. 2017 is the second year that we are offering a micro-lot (85+ points) from Ovidio.

    Ovidio is married to Lidia Huanca. They have three children; two boys and a girl. Elvis, Lizeth, Juan Leonel. The whole family works on their farm producing specialty coffee. They have been producing coffee since 1997, when they bought their current farm. He leraned how to grow coffee form his neighbors at Siete Estrellas. He is very proud of the improvements that he has made and the fact that he has been able to expand his coffee plants, little by little every year.

    He is happy to be a coffee grower, concentrating on quality and with a ready market and at good prices. He is also proud of the quality of his coffee, "de sus cafetales bien manejados" (well managed coffee farm) and the quality of his end product.

    One of the traditions he follows from his ancestors are the phases of the moon. "There is no activity on a new moon". He learned this from his grandparents. He drinks his own coffee roasting in the "ollita de barro" (clay pot). His coffee culture and knowledge comes from his "abuelos y ancestros" (grandparents and ancestors). He would like to know more about coffee drinkers in "el norte" (the north, North America)

    Retail sales (out of Salisbury) are certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Wholesale orders (66 lbs. and more) are certified by Ceres, GmbH. There is a $0.10/lb. charge for the wholesale order organic certificate.

  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Ovidio Paco (Siete Estrellas). New Arrival at the ANNEX!
  • Bolivia Micro-lot: Ovidio Paco (Siete Estrellas). New Arrival at the ANNEX!

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