• Bolivia Micro-lot: Ovidio Paco (Siete Estrellas) - PAST CROP, Lower Price

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  • Description

    Origin Bolivia
    Region Caranavi
    Farm / Coop Colonia Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars)
    Altitude 1600 m / 5000 ft
    Farm Size 2 hectares of coffee, 10 ha total farm size.
    Varietals 50% Criollo (Typica) and 50% Caturra
    Processing Fully washed
    Certifications Grown using organic practices. Not certified.
    Cup Notes

    Original Score 85. FLAVOR/AROMA: Herbal, flowery. fruity, peppery, piquant. ACIDITY: Citric (lemon). OTHER: Balanced and complex. Full flavor. Gets better as it cools.

    Ovidio is a coffee farmer in the community of Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars), which has been a partner of Invalsa's for over ten years. 2016 is the first year that we are offering a micro-lot (85+ points) from Ovidio. This coffee was produced under organic conditions (no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used) but is not certified organic.

    Ovidio is married to Lidia Huanca. They have three children; two boys and a girl. The whole family works on their farm producing specialty coffee. They have been producing coffee since 1997.

    Because it is past crop (2015/16) we are offering with a 25% discount from the current crop. Because it is vacuum packed at origin, still cups very well.

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