• NESCO PRO (5.3oz) Home Coffee Roaster plus 1-lb free green coffee beans

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  • Description

    This is the latest-release model. It was previously sold as the Zach & Dani's coffee roaster. It now carries the name of its actual manufacturer, the Metalware Corporation. With its unique roasting auger design, the Nesco Pro is a combination of drum and fluid bed roaster. Because of its large glass roasting chamber it is very easy to visually check the progress of your roast and make the necessary adjustments. The Nesco Pro is significantly quieter than the other roasters of similar size and includes a unique catalytic converter, so that it can be used indoors without any concerns for smoke - just fresh roasted-coffee aroma! This unit roasts, per batch, as much as the I-Roast (5.3 oz or 1/3 lb), enough not to have to roast every day unless you drink a lot of coffee! Depending how strong you want your coffee, one batch is good for about 15 cups (6oz) of coffee.

    Free Coffee Samples: We will include at no extra cost two samples of our organic, 100% Arabica, Bolivia (A) and and Bolivia (AA) coffee beans, to get started with roasting as soon as you open the box! If you prefer (custom regulations, lower shipment costs, etc), we can also ship the roaster without any coffee beans. Just let us know.

    Unlike the other home coffee roasters that are made in China, the Nesco Pro is made the USA. Two Rivers, Wisconsin to be specific.


    The 20-minute default roast time will produce a light roast. We do not recommend that you roast for less than 20 minutes and we suggest that you start at a minimum 25 minutes. Experiment with the time until you find the roast the best suits your taste!

    The Nesco Pro comes with an ingenious auger to agitate the beans quickly for a very even roast. You have the ability to modify the time of the roast and the roaster includes a "recall" button to repeat your last roast. For medium to moderately dark roasts it is our mid-size home coffee roaster of choice. Because of its longer roasting cycle it also produces roasted coffee with more "body" (think about the difference between whole milk and skim milk) at the expense of acidity (fruity, nutty flavors). The catalytic converter which reduces, but doesn't eliminate the roasting smoke, is one of the roaster's most important and unique features.

    The actual measurements of the unit (not the box) at the greatest points are: length: 13", width: 8.5", height: 11.5". The roaster weighs 7 pounds. Shipping weight (including free coffee samples, and strong packaging) will be 11 lbs.

    We think the Nesco Pro is an excellent value for a mid-size home coffee roaster with longer roast profiles and a unique catalytic converter for smoke reduction.

    Warranty Info: Twelve months by the manufacturer. For repair or replacement call them toll free at 800-288-4545.

    Tech & After Sale Support: Unlimited toll free phone support. Call or email us.

    Roasting Tips: One roast batch will be enough for 24 to 36 cups of coffee. To use the roaster, place the Roasting Chamber on the drive shaft, fill the roasting chamber up to either the "Fill Line" or the "Dark Roast" with your favorite, uniform green coffee beans, place the chaff cup, slide the screen/front seal, lock the cover, select a roasting time press the start button and you are done! Twenty to thirty five minutes later (depending on the amount of time selected) you have fresh roasted coffee! It is very important to empty and clean the chaff collector and screen after every use.

    If the auger does not begin rotating after the Start button is pressed, a small coffee bean may be trapped under the auger inside the glass roasting chamber. Stop the roasting cycle immediately by unplugging the roaster. Allow the the roaster to cool if it is hot. Open the cover and remove the stuck bean and rotate the auger by hand to make sure that it is free to turn. Reload the green coffee beans and start the roast cycle again.

    This unit will make a great gift, at a very reasonable price, for the budding home coffee roaster or for that special person that "knows a lot about coffee and has everything but a home roaster".

    Please note that this roaster is for American electricity (110 volts, 60 Hz). It will not perform well with an electrical transformer. If you need roasters for European/Asian/South American electricity (220 volts , 50hz), we currently have the Hearthware I-Roast2, the Gene Cafe and the Hottop. You can find these on our site by browsing with the "230 volt" tag. Please make the right selection.

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