About Valverde Coffee Roasters

Valverde Coffee Roasters is a West Newbury, MA-based, micro-roaster that roasts all of Invalsa's specialty, farm-direct sourced coffees to order. This means that we roast every single order the same day it's shipped. What you'll receive is the freshest coffee you've ever tasted!

We were so delighted to be featured in an article in Newburyport Magazine's Fall 2012 edition, here, and in Edible Boston's Spring 2014 edition, here.

What's So Great About Fresh-Roasted Coffee?

When you buy your coffee from the grocery store, Starbucks, or any other chain coffeeshop, the quality of the coffee beans may vary greatly: everything from 100% Arabica, mountain and shade-grown, hand-picked, specialty coffees from some of the finest areas in the world (like all Valverde Coffees), to lower-grade blends that don't offer much more than caffeine. However, they all have one thing in common: they're not fresh.

Coffee tastes so much better during the week to two weeks after it's been roasted, before all of the tasty aromas and flavors have dissolved away into thin air, as the beans sit on a shelf in a warehouse or in a store. We roast all our coffees by hand here in West Newbury, literally one or two pounds at a time, and ship them to you the very same day. Have you ever seen coffee grounds bubble up inside the filter after you brew your coffee? Probably not -- that only happens with fresh coffee. Try some -- you'll taste the difference!

All of Valverde Coffee Roasters' coffees are identified by the farmer who grew them, so you know where your coffee's coming from. We know all of these farmers personally, and are delighted to buy their best bags of coffee after every year's harvest.

Coffee Grades

We categorize all coffees by quality, using a 100-point scoring matrix, into House85+, and 90+ roasts, as well as Decafs and special selections well-suited for Espresso preparation.

You can specify a light, medium, or dark roast for each coffee, or you can leave the default 'Roastmaster's Choice', and our Roastmaster will select the roast level that best suits each coffee in your order.

Wholesale Accounts

We are happy to roast coffee for wholesale accounts such as cafes, restaurants, markets, or other specialty coffee vendors. Learn more about our Retail Coffee Program, and feel free to email us with any questions. Free delivery to locations between Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH!

For everything from coffeeshops to home kitchens, we offer a range of coffee and espresso-making equipment, including drip brewers, semi-automatic, lever and stovetop espresso machines, Aeropress and French presses, machine parts, and espresso equipment.

Find Valverde Coffee

All coffees can be ordered online on our secure web store, and will be shipped to you the same day they're roasted, within one business day of receiving your order.

Locally, you can buy Valverde Coffee by the bag at the following stores:

And by the cup at the following restaurants and cafes: