• Colombia AA+ Excelso Santa Barbara Estate. Available at Continental, NJ & Salisbury, MA.

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    Origin Colombia
    Region/State Antioquia
    Farm / Coop Santa Barbara Estate. Echavarria family
    Altitude 5,400 ft.
    Varietals Colombia
    Processing Fully washed, with two days mixed fermentation in tanks with water. Dried in silos at 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Farm Size
    250 hectares under production
    Grade AA+
    Certifications None
    Cup Notes Score: 83.5 AROMA/FLAVOR: Peppery, herbal, stone fruits, milk chocolate, panela (brown sugar). ACIDITY: mellow citric. OTHER: Light, pleasant, classical Colombian profile. Fruity. Improves as it cools.Great for breakfast  or ice coffee and cold brew.

    Bagged at origin in 60-kilo GrainPro® bags.  In order to save on shipping, we now also ship in 50-lb boxes.

    Unfortunately, unless you buy 3+ full bags we are forced to pass a warehouse fee of $49 per bag. It is cheaper to ship 3+ ( without a warehouse fee) bags via truck (LTL), anywhere. This does not apply to smaller orders.

    We have been buying green coffee from the Santa Barbara coffee estate, located in the well-known Antioquia region of northeastern Colombia, near the beautiful city of Medellin since 2012. We bought this coffee directly from Pedro Miguel Echavarria, whose family has been in the coffee business for over four generations.

    The family's beginnings in the coffee business date from the early 20th century when Pedro Miguel's second great grandfather, Don Alejandro Angel, became the first major exporter of Colombian coffee. Pedro Echavarria, husband to one of Don Alejandro's great grandsons, ventured into growing coffee (not just exporting it) three decades ago. He built a coffee estate from the bottom up. After much deliberation he ended up deciding for Santa Barbara, a small county encroached into the Andean mountains in the state of Antioquia. Other than its picturesque charm, Santa Barbara offered a land with distinctive and crucial qualities, such as micro-climates (due to the combination of altitude with warm air from the Cauca river valley), singular volcanic soils, perfect altitude, and a tradition of excellence in the production of coffee. The Santa Barbara Estate has 350 hectares in coffee fields, a size which has proven to be perfect to afford a state of the art beneficio (wet mill) without being too large to sacrifice quality. Mr. Echavarra manages the company with the help of his three sons, Nicolas, Camilo and Pedro Miguel. The Estate employs over 1,000 committed workers.

    Nelson and Eleni regularly visit the farm. The last time was Nelson being hosted by Pedro Miguel in March 2019. Unfortunately, Covid has placed a crimp on international travles during the past two years. We hope to visit them soon.