• Chocolates Para Ti -100% Bolivian cacao and Bolivian-made chocolates. NEW ARRIVAL!

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    Just received our new shipment on late February '24!
    Cocoa prices are up and so are chocolates'. :-(

    These delicious chocolates from our friends at Chocolates Para Ti are mostly hand-crafted and artisanally-processed in Sucre, Bolivia (its constitutional Capital and also known as the "City of Chocolate"), using 100% Bolivian cacao beans from Invalsa's cacao processing operation, The Alto Beni Cacao Co.

    Enjoy a bar of single-origin chocolate with your single-origin Bolivian coffee!

    These chocolates come in two sizes: 100 grams (3.5 oz.) & 50 grams (1.8 oz.) tablets.

    Chocolates Para Ti are manufactured by Solur, S.R.L, a limited liability corporation created by the Solares and Urriolagoitia families from Sucre in 1990. It started with three machines and seven employees, producing under 2,200 lbs. of chocolate per month. Today they produce over 45 MT (metric tones) close to 100,000 lbs. of chocolate per month in their modern factory started  in 2006. Their current roster of employees tops 190 people, mostly women.  Nelson has visited the plant on several occasions and has become good friends with the Solares family, who majority-own and operate the plant. Gaston Solares is the General Manager and majority owner. His daughter, Monica Solares is the Deputy Manager. His other daughter, Pamela Solares is head of marketing and Special Projects.

    Chocolates Para Ti is the largest and widely-acknowledged as the best chocolate maker in Bolivia. A trip to Bolivia is not complete until you visit one of their well-located chocolate stores throughout the country and in major supermarkets. And now also available online in North America. 

    Finally, and most importantly, these are some of the most delicious chocolates that you will find and eat. But don't take our word for it. Try them!