• Bushel-Size (18" X 30") Burlap Coffee Bag Holds 60-70lbs

  • $7.99

  • Description

    Made of 100% yute plant burlap, these bags are biodegradable, recyclable and contain no foreign matter. Because all our coffee is organic the lettering is done with natural, organic ingredients (beet juice, mainly). You can use them to store feed, a variety of edible products or even mechanical parts and/or tools, or in your garden to protect trees and new grass seed. Their approximate size is 18" X 30". They are 230-gram weight (about 8oz) fabric.

    These new, authentic, bushel-size burlap (yute) bags were intended to be used to transport our green (unroasted) coffee from Bolivia to the United States. However, the bags were extras and were just left inside the container. As a bonus, we'll send you a 2.5oz free sample of our wonderful coffee.

    Since these are food-grade bags, some people use them to steam seafood (oysters, mussels, clams, etc) in big pots. They are the right size and strength. Now that is what we call recycling!

    These bags have our company's name on them, so buy them up now while they are still cheap, before we become rich and famous and they become collector's items :-)

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