We now have 2023/24 crop microlots available at the Annex in Oakland, CA, and NJ, only in full bags: Check them out!

Unfortunately, prices have increased, but in some microlots we have lowered prices because they are past crop. They still cupped very good, however.

In order to avoid extra-weight surcharges from UPS and FedEx we are now shipping green coffee in 50-lb. boxes. Order and enjoy the savings!

Invalsa's specialty and uniqueness is our range of Bolivian coffees. All of these coffees are purchased directly from producers in the Caranavi region (zoom in on the map below to see the area!), and cupped by the bag in our head office and cupping lab in La Paz, Bolivia. 

We have long term relationships with all of our producer partners, and provide them with technical assistance, and community support including scholarship funds and paying for organic certification. In 2016 we started planting our own coffee farms. We currently have 20 hectares planted and 2019 will be our first year of our own production. Our Geisha variety won third place on the 2018 Bolivia International, Presidential Competition.Our winning lot was submitted by our long-term partner and farm manager, Celso Mayta. In 2019, our own Geisha varietal (seeds imported from Panama) submitted by Celso won the first place with an international Jury score of 92 points. Saza Coffee of Japan (our good friend Taroh Suzuki) bough the whole lot at auction for $33/lb!. we are so proud.

You can sort by our Bolivian selections by grade and certification using the "Browse by tag" tool, above right.

Alto Beni Cacao has a centralilzed, cutting-edge technology, fermentation cacao plant in the Buena Vista Community, near Sapecho, Alto Beni region.

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