• Costa Rica Microlot: Juan Lopez

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    Origin Costa Rica
    Region San Juan Norte de Rivas, Pérez Zeledón
    Farm / Coop Boquete
    Altitude 1350-1650 meters
    Varietals Caturra, Catuai, Improved Typica
    Processing Partial honey process
    Certifications Fair Trade
    Cup Notes FLAVOR/AROMA: Brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, toasted bread. Acidity: sharp citric, mandarin. OTHER: Clean and transparent. Complex and well structured body. Pleasant aftertaste. Excellent, full flavored coffee for breakfast cup.

    Packed at origin in 69-kilo GrainPro® bags. In order to save on shipping, we now also ship in 50-lb boxes.

    The Boquete farm is owned and managed by the Lopes family. Juan has been growing coffee since he was 12. He learned about coffee from his father, who was also a coffee grower. He has been growing coffee for the past 34 years. He started as day laborer, eventually working his way up to farm owner and manager. He is assisted by his wife, Arilia, his son, David and his daughter Alexandra. His grandkids Matias and Zanira (both under six) are already becoming part of the family coffee tradition, too. Their farm, located in the Perez Zeledon county, San Jose Province, neighbor to the famed Tarrazu Costa Rica coffee growing region, is separated into eight "cortes", each about 1 hectare with a different variety.

    During the harvest, the ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand by farm workers from Panama, who are paid above the market rate to maintain quality and get the best workers. The farm also produces, mainly for household consumption, yucca, beans, corn, bananas, guineo (mini bananas) oranges, and mandarins. The farm has its own cow which provides milk and the raw material for cheese and butter. The cow is "for the gasto" for the family expense, and provides also manure which is used as fertilizer.

    Boquete has a Penagos micro mill, where the coffee is de-pulped. Unlike the great majority of coffee farmers, Juan and his family drink their own coffee and as he proudly explains: "negro sin azucar" (black without sugar) as part of their regular meals but also in combination wit arepas (corn breads).

    Please enjoy this YouTube video tour of the farm that Juan and his family specially prepared for Invalsa. This is our first purchase form Juan, and we plan to develop this relationship for many years to come.

    This coffee is certified Fair Trade.

  • Costa Rica Microlot: Juan Lopez
  • Costa Rica Microlot: Juan Lopez
  • Costa Rica Microlot: Juan Lopez

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