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    Origin Bolivia
    Region Caranavi
    Farm / Coop Cafe Golondrina (Swallow's Farm)
    Altitude 5,270 - 5,890 feet
    Catuai (80%), Icatu (10%), Typica (Criollo) (5%), Caturra (5%)
    Processing Fully washed
    Certifications Grown using organic practices but not certified
    Cup Notes Score: 86.5 points. FLAVOR/AROMA: Caramel fragrance with hints of red berries. Vainilla, Sugar Cane, Milk Chocolate, Marzipan, Honeycomb, Floral. Super clean. Sweet delicate spices on wet. ACIDITY: Complex citric (mandarin, lemon, orange). OTHER: Winey & Juicy. Honey, sweet. Transparent, multi-faced, creamy aftertaste. Excellent choice for iced coffee or cold brew.

     Celso Mayta's farm is called Finca Golondrina (Swallow's Farm), after the swallows that fly in the sky above his coffee trees. It is located in Zona Illimani, Colonia Copacabana, Caranavi Province of Bolivia. Celso belongs to a very small cooperative, APROCAFE, with only seven members, and works with his family to process and sell their coffee.

    Celso was born in 1972 but he is already an expert coffee producer, and an inspiration for other coffee growers. In 2004, things were not going so well -- Celso was ready to burn his coffee trees, which he had worked with his family since he was three years old, and was prepared to grow coca leaves instead. Growing coca is legal in Bolivia and is a centuries-old Andean tradition. "Until then, coffee was only good to survive, coca was better," he says. "Bolivian coffee was exported with a 20% discount because quality was poor and unpredictable. I didn't know what quality meant, so out of curiosity I decided to attend some classes about improving coffee growing practices." What he learned paid off. In 2005, he decided to participate in the second Bolivia Cup of Excellence competition. His coffee submission came in second place, and Celso sold the lot in the international auction for $17,000 (six times what he would have received in the domestic market). With the money, he tripled the acreage of his coffee plantings.

    We are very proud of Celso and pleased to offer his coffee for sale to our customers for the eight year in a row. We visit him and his farm regularly, as we have become partners in two new farms (Copacabana and Fortin) and a new micro mill washing station in Asuncion.

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