Reviews + Testimonials

The following are selected reviews of Invalsa's coffees and service from small commercial and home roasters, written between 2007 and 2013.

M. Donithan: I have purchased green Costa Rican coffee from several other sellers. Most claim that their coffee is of a premium grade. But, I really did not recognize the subtle differences in coffees from this country until I received yours. Your AA Costa Rican coffee is among the finest, most flavorful hard bean coffee that I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Just wanted you to know.

Cynthia Williams: I only ordered the four-pound bag of CELSO MAYTA -CAFE GOLONDRINA PEABERRY and now I'm sorry! It is absolutely delicious and I will be ordering more, as well as other green coffees you offer. Add to that the excellent service (I received my package within a couple of days of ordering!) and you have one VERY satisfied customer! A side benefit of having this DELICIOUS, home-roasted coffee is that my daughters visit more often ... and their first words as they come in the door are, "So, Mom, where's my coffee?" Thanks again - you'll be hearing from me! Cynthia

Tony Jackson: You have been nothing but professional in all my dealings with you and all the coffee we have ever tried from you is first rate. Thank you for your commitment to quality and customer service. You are very, very good at what you do. Tony Jackson Troy, Illinois

Larry Ray: Made my first 10 lb. order a couple weeks ago. Received very quickly two or three days to Tennessee. Service was as great with response to my order as to when shipped. Coffee is great. Will be placing another order when this is near gone. Thanks.

Tomasz Kuczynski: Outstanding !!!  Invalsa supplied me with great coffee and a coffee roaster. Unfortunately the device was broken. Yet, even though it wasn't Invalsa's fault, the way Invalsa helped me with the warranty procedure was OUTSTANDING !!! Invalsa proved that their service goes much beyond imagination and each customer counts! I don't think that there is any company out there that can beat Invalsa's service and products ! Thank you Nelson! Tomasz Kuczynski Poznan, Poland

Nikolay Stupnikov: Have received your remarkable coffee. I  am studying to roast. What I drank earlier was not coffee, but "dust of the Brazilian roads". I shall soon order still more, but at first it is necessary to try all your coffees I ordered. :) With huge gratitude, Nikolay Stupnikov, Blagovetchensk, Amur Region, Russia

Dan DeMora: Greetings from NJ: I received my order of 4 pounds of AA today. I generally don't take the time to email or call people about their product. If I like it I just keep buying, however this one requires some communication. Here goes;

First I screwed up my online order for a tiny four pounds of green beans. I got a call from one of the owners and they helped me out. That was totally unexpected and made me really happy.

Then I received my beans real fast. I opened the box and you took the time to pay attention to little details. The beans were in a small burlap bag. Man was that nice. Then I noticed that the lady who packed my order wrote a little personalized message on my receipt. Another surprise that made me happy.

Then this evening I roasted two batches of the beans and they looked and smelled great. Thanks and keep paying attention to those little details and you'll keep shipping beans to me. It's about time I can finally deal with a business again that doesn't just stand there with their hand out. You are proud of your business and it shows. Good for you.

I also took notice that you are involved with the farmers and treat them fairly. I for one am not looking for coffee that came from a farmer down south that is working his butt off and getting screwed for pennies a day. Somebody works they should be paid fairly. That's important to me.

It also seems that the people at your business are very family oriented. That also swayed me, as I am all about family.

Now, how did I find you? I found a page someplace and it had a family picture of you guys making pizza from scratch. I figured that if you guys pay that much attention to details even with your pizza you'll probably treat me right. So there you have it, your pizza making picture got me hooked.

It didn't hurt that I too make my own pizza from scratch as a family event. I have been to Naples Italy three times learning to make pizza to their standards. Here we go again, paying attention to details.

Thanks a million and keep up the great service. 

Dan DeMora
Swedesboro, New Jersey

R. J. Suphan: I wanted to let you know that the coffee arrived today. Upon opening the vacuum sealed bag I was greeted by the most wonderful aroma. I have already done a roast of City and am enjoying a cup as I type. All the flavors and aromas, even the more subtle ones, came through. I am an individual roaster roasting mostly for myself and so use a small machine (Hottop). This coffee will last me quiet a while but I am always looking for the unusual. Thank you for the beautiful coffee and your wonderful advice. What nice people you are. R. J. Suphan Fulton, New York

Dick Lehman: Just want to say thanks for the fine way you run your business. Even with the technology of a web site (some of which works and some of which doesn't always work -- as I know from my experiences with my own web site) you manage to maintain a personal touch.

Imagine me getting up early this morning and already finding a personal note from you so that I can order more coffee......means you got up earlier than I did to provide good customer service. Thanks.

My friend, Howard Zerh, and I have both enjoyed working with you folks over the years...we often start the day with Skype....having espresso "together".........with him in VA and me in IN. You folks have become a part of our daily routine!

C. Pristas: Thanks all. Keep doing the great job you are doing the real coffee drinkers not the starbucks type need people like you!! C. Pristas Stroudsburg, PA

Jeff Brooks: I got the decaf yesterday and roasted it up. It is one of the best coffees, decaf or caffeinated, that I have ever had! Thanks for your passion to provide superior coffees!

Susan Moravek:  I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but the coffee you sell is fantastic! Thanks so much. Susan Moravek, Shenorock, NY

Randy & Wendy Russ:  I want to thank you for providing us with such wonderful coffee. Our lives have changed for the better since finding out about you. I only have one question::: what are we to do with the couple cans of store bought coffee we still have in our pantry? Maybe a Christmas gift to those who give us fruit cake every year???

From your roasting friends in Montan, Randy & Wendy Russ, Superior, MT

Randy Redus: Nelson, Thanks for the patience, and for the great coffee beans! We started out at Sweet Maria's, but after sampling a number of different coffees we were about to give up and go back to store bought. Then we came across some of Invalsa's beans and haven't stopped using them since. The Redus Family

Justin Kagan: BTW, you really have an amazing website to go along with the great java. I'm hoping some of the award-winning baristas out here get their chompers on these beans ASAP! Thanks again for the promptness Justin Kagan Portland, Oregon

K. P. Bailey: Great sale, fast delivery, excellent product and even the burlap bag packaging was a nice thought. I will definitely buy coffee from this seller again. Site was also full of great info.

Reanette Rogers: I purchased your Cumbre (AAA) grade in December of 2007 and gave freshly roasted coffee to my family and friends for Holiday gift giving. Everyone loved it!!! Today, I just ordered 200lbs of your coffee for my new coffee and tea business!
Thank you so much. You are an answer to my prayers.

Raenette Rogers
ROGERS, Coffee, Tea & Gifts
Delta, PA

B. Richardson: I am so happy that you are offering the FreshRoast8 home coffee roaster that has apparently become nearly impossible to get. It was a gift and I hope it will be well enjoyed. Thank you!! B. Richardson

David Mariani: Hi again, I just wanted to say the pack of coffee you sent with the burlap bags was outstanding the best cup of coffee ever brewed at home. THANKS -- it won't only be burlap bags I order from you now.

J. Westphal: "It's been very gratifying to see demand picking up. Your product is second to none, and I've been getting rave reviews from customers. I was serving espresso at an event this weekend, and I had three different people tell me it was the best coffee they had ever had..." J. Westphal New Brunswick, Canada

Joe Todisco: After reading your opinion, the Nesco was the roaster I was leaning towards. I like the fact that it does have an auger-driven agitator. Less bells and whistles the better, as roasting for me is not all that of a science.

After years of roasting with the Fresh Roast Plus 8 I've managed to get the desired types of roasts by sight and sound. When I purchase items price is not always the determining factor. I do appreciate your honestly and plan on ordering the Nesco Roaster today.

In the past I've purchased green beans from such companies as Sweet Maria's, Coffee Bean Direct, and Kaffe Magnum Opus. It was a pleasure when I found your site on the net. I was impressed that the only green bean you carry is your own Bolivian. After reading about Invalsa, I knew that your company is committed to quality on all levels from farming/storing to selection and grading.

I bought the Cumbre (AAA) grade. Excellent bean that makes a superior cup of coffee. It roasted evenly as the sizing is an important factor. Thanks again for your reply. Sincerely, Joe Todisco, Gardwood, New Jersey

M. Stockton: I want to thank you Invalsa for being so through with there orders, I have dealt with a few different companies and they can definitely learn a few things from your company. Thanks again, M. Stockton.

John Robert: I received my shipment about 3 weeks ago ...I was still using previous batches of beans and I wanted to roast and cup yours before I left meaningful testimonial. Today I roasted, tomorrow I will cup. I am really a neophyte roaster...about one year and 50 lbs. so I am still learning. The beans I roasted today are the cleanest I have ever seen, both before and after the roast. The usual amount of chaff but no dust or junk. Also the beans are consistently even in size. These are the best beans, by far, that I have ever seen and I bought several pounds from Sweet Maria's. John Robert Murphy, North Carolina

Terry Mullins: Thanks Nelson. Boy, I really appreciate not only your excellent coffee but your excellent business manner as well. How refreshing it is to receive both a top quality product and a top quality service! All that and GREAT prices too! Thanks again, Terry
Lititz, PA

Kevin Conzo: I found Invalsa on Ebay, and was lucky enough to only live about 45 minutes away. When I first purchased some of their coffee, I was new to roasting. I ordered some other companies coffee as well and figured I would compare the two. Well was I in for a surprise. Invalsa coffee was by far a better quality coffee then expected. I was so impressed that I started roasting for family and friends. What started as a hobby, is now a growing small business.

I would never take a chance with other green coffees. It really just isn't worth it. Invalsa is great because they basically do all the quality control for me. I don't have to worry about stones, sticks, or any other thing that should not be in the coffee to begin with. When I order my green beans from Invalsa I know that I am ordering the highest quality beans around. Instead of spending much of my time trying to weed out or cover up the defects that are found in other coffees, I can put the effort back into perfecting my roast styles or promoting my new business. It really is great to know that I have the experience, pride, and reliability that Invalsa has behind me. It is also a great feeling to know that I shook the hand, that shook the hand that grew the coffee. That's good business.

K. Conzo
Waltham, MA

B. Browder:  Thanks for your great coffee. Tried some others and decided no need. Yours, the Cumbre (AAA), is the best. Bill Browder, Ocala, Florida