Alto Beni Cacao Company (ABC)

Our sister company, ABC works with, and pays for the organic certification of about 120 cacao-producing families in the Alto Beni region (Tucupi, Alto Remolino, Popoy, Sapecho, etc.). We also have a 10 Ha. parcel in Buena Vista (on the paved road from Sapecho to Yucumo) where our modern, centralized fermentation plant is located with 4 Has. of planted cacao trees. 2019 was our first year of production of our own cacao trees.

Our current production capacity is 60 MT annually, which can be easily doubled with the receipt of cacao-purchasing contracts. Our annual capacity includes 10 MT of Heirloom (Nacional) Boliviano beans. The same ones that are the number 2,  Heirloom Cacao Project (HCP) registration, and 50 MT of our Walikeewa (Mostly Amelonado variety, introduced by the USAID project in Palos Blancos) hybrid beans, the same ones registered as the number 1 HCP registration.  Both beans were registered by our good friend, Volker Lehman.  We export Volker’s beans (known as Tranquilidad) from Bolivia to the US and Australia. Since 2019 we have been also selling Tranquilidad both wholesale and retail. You can order them below.