What is a Micro-lot?

It is a very small lot (from five to 50 bags; usually about 20 bags) from a single farm that has been deliberately set aside from other coffee because it has a top-notch, 86+ cupping score. Most micro-lots come from a single farmer, but they can also be the "cream of the crop" from an estate or cooperative.

These coffees are unique, fully traceable and have a compelling story to tell. They are available only in small quantities, and consequently cost more than regular specialty coffee.  When purchasing these coffees we pay the grower(s) directly, at prices from one and half to three times the going market rate, in order to encourage them to continue making the effort to produce such green coffee gems.

To preserve their superb quality and to allow these coffee beans to remain at peak flavor for years, we use cutting-edge shipping & storage techniques by vacuum-packing the beans, or packing in GrainPro® bags, right after the pergamino (parchment) is removed at the dry mill; the ideal time to do it, just prior to export. We then store these wonderful beans in climate- and humidity-controlled warehouses.

You can browse the origins of our available micro-lots by using the tags in the drop-down menu, above to the right.