• Monthly Home Coffee Club (Cup of Excellence)

  • $65.95

  • Description

    No more worries about re-ordering, or running out of freshly roasted coffee, ever again! Also a great gift idea for family, friends and business associates that appreciate small-batch, artisan-roasted, 100% sustainably-grown coffee.

    There are two plans available: the Micro-lots Plan, featuring specialty Bolivian, Brazilian, Colombian & Costa Rican micro-lots, and Cup of Excellence award-winners (this plan). The coffee is roasted in the morning and shipped in the afternoon -- you can't get fresher coffee, unless you roast it yourself! You will receive three (3) one-pound bags of coffee every month during your subscription, for a total of three pounds each month. The coffee is sent in gusseted, foil bags with a one-way valve, for optimal storage. Unless you request otherwise, we will select the roast (light, medium, dark) that we think is best for the individual coffee.

    Shipping is included to all 50 states in the USA. You choose the date when you want your coffee delivered. Coffee will be shipped via FedEx Ground or Priority Mail, depending on your location.

    All plans are prepaid via credit or debit card or PayPal, and are automatically renewed. You can cancel at any time for any reason. Refunds will be given if you cancel before your plan is over, but only for un-shipped coffee. You can also stop shipments for a period. We are flexible and aim to please!

    You can always call us or email us to further customize your order, i.e. quantity, frequency, coffee origin, or roast level.

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