• Behmor 2000AB Plus Customizable 1-lb, Drum Coffee/Cacao Roaster + 3 lbs free coffee. NEW MODEL!

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  • Description

    The new, latest model.

    The Behmor 2000AB Plus drum coffee roaster is our latest addition to our home coffee roaster offerings.  It is an easy to use home-roaster that allows the user to utilize five pre-programmed roast settings or manually control roasting  parameters. It is a drum roaster with the ability to roast a quarter, half and/or full pound of green coffee beans. This is the latest model that comes with a re-designed chaff collector and employs patent-pending smoke supression technology for kitchen countertop roasting. We also use it and recommend it for roasting 2.5 to 3 lbs of cacao/cocoa beans.

    New Features:

    • All matte black
    • Larger door handle
    • Double pane glass on the front door
    • Higher speed drum motor

    Free Coffee Samples: We will include with your roaster three samples (one pound each, three pounds total) of high quality, specialty-grade green coffee beans to get you started on roasting, as soon as you open the box! These beans are 100% Arabica. You will receive samples from (our choice) Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Costa Rica, and our own 90-point Decaf blend (please let us know if you have a preference). If you prefer (custom regulations, lower shipment costs, etc.), we can also ship the roaster without any coffee beans. Just let us know.

    The Behmor2000AB Plus is the world's first and only one-pound-capacity home coffee roaster. Patent-pending smoke suppression technology roasts in virtually every application with no visible smoke, up to the second crack. It is the only home roaster in the world manufactured with a variable speed motor, to facilitate proper bean rotation, and allowing for more efficient cooling and chaff removal. In addition, the Behmor 1600AB Plus's variable-speed fan controls allow for optimum functionality.

    The Behmor 2000AB Plus will, with very few exceptions, take up to a single pound of green coffee into second crack without emitting visible smoke. For Full City+ roasts, we recommend you reduce the quantity of the roast to one-half pound. Although a brand-new Behmor will roast very dark roasts, over time, due to accumulation of coffee oils, it will lose its ability to do so and hence we do not recommend it for very dark roasts (i.e. Vienna, French, or Italian roasts). If you want very dark roasts regularly we recommend you buy the more expensive Gene Café or Hottop roasters.

    This roaster has been designed to allow the user the option of a quick start method, or a choice of programmable options to adjust roast time, roast profile, and cooling time. Like other aspects of the roaster, the control panel is designed for ease of use. The system has designated weight allowances that coordinate and adjust to various times according to the weight entered. These times create a starting point that can be adjusted to a more precise setting by using the + / - buttons. The user can also choose various roast profiles, which slightly alter the nuances of each coffee to better suit each individuals' tastes or a particular coffee bean.

    Cooling is an important aspect in quality home coffee roasting. The Behmor 2000AB Plus is pre-programmed to immediately go into a cooling cycle once the roast cycle has been completed. It can also be controlled manually by pressing the "Cool" button. Both cooling features utilize a uniquely designed, multi-speed motor. While the cooling is taking place, the fan cools the beans and separates the chaff by pushing into the chaff tray for easy disposal. It is very important that the roster be cleaned after every roast cycle. Use the self-cleaning mechanism after every 5-10 roasts.

    Using the Behmor to roast Cacao: To roast cacao beans, you need to expose them to a high temperature, close to 325 degrees, and then gradually lower that temperature for the next 15 to 30 minutes. You lower temperature to prevent burning of the outside of the beans while the inside gets appropriately hot, and kills all the bacteria and mold that may be left over from fermenting the fresh cacao beans. When the beans start to pop (from water evaporation), making a sound known as the "crack" in coffee roasting parlance, they are very close to being finished. You want to stop just after most are finished cracking, but not so long after that they start to smell burnt. It is a trial-and-error method and you will get better as you roast more cacao beans. Many coffee aficionados roast their own coffee at home to ensure the highest degree of flavor and quality, and save lots of money in the process. If you are one of them, you can do exactly the same thing for cacao beans. Even if you don't roast coffee at home, but just love the flavor of high-quality cocoa or chocolate, you can follow these quick, easy steps to roast your own cacao beans in your own kitchen.

    The processes of roasting coffee and cacao beans are nearly the same, except because cacao beans are more fragile than coffee beans, they have to be roasted at a much lower temperature. Coffee beans are generally roasted at around 450-480 degrees Fahrenheit, cacao beans should never get hotter than 325 degrees. Your nose will tell you. If it stars smelling burnt, it is too hot! Other than the lower temperature, the process is the same. We recommend using the Behmor 2000AB Plus coffee roaster for cacao roasting. The Behmor 2000AB Plus is designed as a coffee roaster, but works well with cacao. Use the one-pound setting with the P2 profile, but fill the grid drum with 2.5 to 3 lbs. of raw cacao beans.

    Roaster Specifications:

    • Largest capacity home roaster - 1/4 lb. min. to 1 lb. max.
    • Patent-pending smoke removal/air filtration system
    • Quick Start Controls
    • Patent-pending cooling cycle/system
    • 4 custom pre-programmed time controls
    • 5 custom pre-programmed heat/roast profile controls
    • Custom time controls to adjust roast times, during roasting
    • RoHS Compliant (the Behmor 1600AB Plus has been manufactured to meet all specifications required for RoHS certification)
    • Patent-pending multi-speed roast/cooling motor system
    • 60db or less at >1 foot
    • Thermostatically controlled quartz roasting elements
    • Operating 1630w/15a 120v
    • Dimensions (inches) 17.5Lx10.5Hx12.5D cubic inches approx. 1850/218 sq. in foot print
    • Automatic system diagnostic and troubleshooting

    Warranty and Repair Info: This roaster is covered by the manufacturer for one year from the date of purchase. For any warranty issues, please contact them directly at 775-833-3363, or via email at tech@behmor.com. The manufacturer will repair or replace the defective part. The manufacturer is very good at repairing and/or replacing defective units. If after trying with the manufacturer in good faith, you are not satisfied, please contact us; we will intercede for you and make things right.

    Tech & After Sale Support: Unlimited free phone support. Call or email us. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, service issues, or need some advice on coffee roasting in general or how to use this roaster in particular.

    PLEASE NOTE that we strongly recommend purchasing shipping insurance on this item. It is a valuable item, and waiving insurance means that you will bear all of the risk of loss or damage after the roaster leaves our facilities.

  • Behmor 2000AB Plus Customizable 1-lb, Drum Coffee/Cacao Roaster + 3 lbs free coffee. NEW MODEL!
  • Behmor 2000AB Plus Customizable 1-lb, Drum Coffee/Cacao Roaster + 3 lbs free coffee. NEW MODEL!
  • Behmor 2000AB Plus Customizable 1-lb, Drum Coffee/Cacao Roaster + 3 lbs free coffee. NEW MODEL!
  • Behmor 2000AB Plus Customizable 1-lb, Drum Coffee/Cacao Roaster + 3 lbs free coffee. NEW MODEL!

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