• Very large, used, strong burlap coffee bag with free coffee sample

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    One empty, very clean, used, authentic large burlap (yute) coffee bag used to transport coffee from South America to the USA. The bag was used only once to transport clean, premium, green coffee beans. The picture is one of the actual bags. However, not all the bags look the same. All bags have colorful designs and/or writing.

    Disclaimer: The picture is one of the actual bags. However, not all the bags look the same. All bags have designs and/or writing (some colorful).

    These bags are strong (held up to 150 pounds of coffee), and are clean and ready to provide additional services. We only sell the ones that are in excellent condition. When opening them, we unstitch them, not rip them. Their dimensions are about (not all bags are exactly the same) 26" by 43". An adult will comfortably fit into it if used in a "potato sack race".

    Most of these bags are made of 100% yute plant burlap. If so, they are biodegradable, recyclable and contain no foreign matter. You can use them to store feed, a variety of edible products or even mechanical parts and/or tools. Other folks use the bags for decorating their homes, coffee shops, dorms, and even offices. You can use them in your garden to protect trees and new grass seed. Some recent arrivals (especially those coming from Brazil) however, are made of synthetic burlap. We sell the best bags, but some have small rips caused by the use of hooks during loading and unloading.

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