• USED(once) GrainPro SuperGrainbag III, 72 X 100 cm, most with zipper

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    Used once to ship coffee form origin to the US, these bags are inspected for no holes and defects. Save over 50% and recycle!

    GrainPro SuperGrainbag III (SGB III) is the industry-leading, hermetically-sealed, water-resistant storage solution for a vast range of dry agricultural commodities, including coffee, cacao, corn, including moist maize, paddy rice, milled rice (brown and white), wheat, soybeans, sorghum, millet, all types of seeds, beans, peas, and lentils. It can store commodities for prolonged periods without the risks of moisture ingress, pest infestation and fungal growth.

    It is most commonly used as an inner liner along with customry jute/burlap bags.

    SGB III is made of multilayer polyethylene (PE), and has a two- track zipper that seals using a zipper slider for ease of use.

    GrainPro bags are eco-friendly, pesticide-free, and also preserve the germination capacity of stored grains.


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