• Vacuum Sealer with Extra Long Nozzle

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    This vacuum pump is suitable for large, heavy packages, and ONLY for non-oily, non-powdery fillings. It is perfect for green (un-roasted) coffee, and is what we use (and highly recommend) to vacuum-pack green coffee at origin. The machine comes with a vertical, stainless steel, retractable nozzle. The air control is operated from a foot switch and is very easy to operate. We have made a video showing how the machine is operated, available to view on You tube, here: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGU7JzkbB34&feature=youtu.be.)

    The machine requires an outside compressor of 6-7kg/cm2 (at least 3 HP) that you should buy locally, for servicing needs. The gas flush/purge is an optional feature.

    We also carry 15 kilo (33 lbs) and 30 kilo (66 lbs) plastic, heavy-duty bags for creating vacuum-packed coffee "bricks". Each machine is custom-built in Taiwan to our exact specifications, developed through vacuum-packing green coffee for long term storage since 2005.

    The price quoted is FOB factory in Taiwan. Please contact us for a shipping quote. Both air and sea freight quotes are available.






    AC 220V 1 Phase Power (Watt.)

    Amp: 20 A Watt.: 7KW

    AC 220V 1 Phase Power (Watt.)

    Amp: 25 A Watt.: 9.2KW

    Max. sealing:

    600mm * 10mm*2 (24" X 0.4" *2)

    750mm * 10mm*2 (30" X 0.4" *2)

    Sealing Time

    0.0 - 3.0 Sec.

    Vacuum Tim e

    01 - 90 Sec.

    Cooling Time

    0 - 10 Sec.

    Pump Capacity:

    DP- 120 liter/min. 300W


    Approximately 220 lbs

    Approximately 260 lbs


    Dry Packing  (no liquid, no powder)


    750*600*1620mm (30" X 24" X 65")

    900*600*1620mm (36" X 24" X 65")

    Compressor needed:

    6-7 KGS/cm2

    Material Used:

    Thick Aluminum. Foil Bag, Nylon Bag, Gusseted bag

    Sealing Height:

    700 ~ 1100mm (28" ~ 43")  (from ground)

    Air Tube

    5 * 8  PU Tube

    Vacuum Tube

    6.5 * 10  PU Tube

    Vacuum Nozzle

    150 ( round)- 150 ( flat) * 1pc

    150 ( round)- 150 ( flat)* 2 pc




    Electrostatic painted body; the height of head parts can be adjusted.

  • Vacuum Sealer with Extra Long Nozzle
  • Vacuum Sealer with Extra Long Nozzle

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