• BLACK & DECKER Blade Coffee Grinder plus Artisan-Roasted Coffee

  • $23.95

  • Description


    • Easy-touch pulse control grinds from coarse to fine in seconds;
    • Precision stainless steel blades for even grinding;
    • Powerful motor: 130 watts;
    • Contemporay design for today's kitchen;
    • Great for coffee beans and nuts;
    • Built-in cord storage;
    • Only operates with lid in place for safety;
    • Dimensions: 7"H x 4"W x 4"D ;

    If you are serious about your coffee and either roast at home or buy whole bean (in our opinion, buying whole bean is the only way to buy roasted coffee), then you need a burr coffee grinder or a powerful blade grinder, like this one. Using a coffee grinder at home produces significantly better-tasting coffee than buying ground coffee at the store (or online!)

    The Black & Decker SmartGrind blade coffee grinder (Model CBG100S) is the best blade grinder we have found. Period. Unless you make espresso and need very fine grinds, you do not need a conical burr grinder for drip coffee. You need a strong, precise blade grinder that will not struggle and heat the beans. We are satisfied with the Black & Decker SmartGrind. It has a strong and precise motor (130 watts, compare that to most cheap blade grinders that only have 60 watts). The coffee beans don't get crushed but quickly cut so that the coffee is not heated during the grinding process, negatively impacting flavor. To use the grinder, pulse the beans from coarse to fine and grind enough for an entire 12-cup pot of coffee in a few seconds. Use a small brush to sweep the grinds right into a brew basket or to brush away excess grounds. This grinder can also be used to grind nuts. The cord stores neatly inside the unit to minimize counter clutter.

    A burr grinder is good for all types of coffee brewing methods. A blade grinder is not good for very fine coffee grinds like espresso, and Turkish/Greek coffee. A powerful blade grinder is fine for French press, pourover or drip coffee makers.

    So what is the difference between a burr and blade grinder? A burr grinder has teeth that cut the coffee beans in one pass, without overheating, nor destroying them. A burr grinder has different settings and allows you to pick the type of grind (very fine to coarse) desired. This is what commercial coffee grinders do. A blade grinder has a rotating knife that cuts the bean repeatedly (until pulverized, if kept on long enough, or if you have a weak motor). Weak blade grinders (under 100 watts) heat the coffee beans, causing flavor loss. On a blade grinder the degree of grind is controlled by the amount of time the engine is engaged. So, if you are going to get a blade grinder, make sure it has a powerful motor.

    This is an electrical, UL-listed kitchen appliance. It is warranted by the manufacturer for one year for household use. It comes with a Use and Care Book, and a Product Registration Card. The unit measures 7" by 4" by 4" and weighs about 1.9 pounds.

    We will include, at no extra cost, one sample (2.5 oz) of very high-quality specialty roasted coffee beans to get you started on grinding, as soon as you open the box! These beans are 100% Arabica and certified organic.

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