• 88+ Find: Invalsa Organic Peaberry (Bolivia) Microlot Roast. LOWER PRICE!

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  • Description

    Origin Bolivia
    Region Caranavi
    Farm / Coop Asocafe
    Altitude 5,250+ feet
    Varietals Tipica (20%), Caturra (30%) Icatu (20 %), Catuai (30%)
    Processing Wet washed
    Certifications Organic by Bay State Organic Certifiers and Control Union
    Cup Notes 88 points. AROMA/FLAVOR: Vanilla, Brown Sugar. Almond.Slight chili pepper. Clean & Sweet. ACIDTY: Intensive clementine (citric). OTHER: Silky aftertaste, full flavor, herbal finish. Great for single-origin espresso and dark roasts.

    Intense, unique flavor. Requires additional sorting and processing. This is why it costs more.

    These peaberry coffee beans were hand-selected from each harvest in the farms of our long-term partner ASOCAFE. Peaberries ("Caracol" in Spanish, also called Caracolillo in Central America) are roughly 10%-15% of coffee beans that fuse into a single oblong bean inside the cherry, rather than separating into the two typical bean "halves", also known as "flat berries". They have a unique flavor, both because of the concentration of flavors in the cherry while growing, and because they roll around more evenly inside your roaster.

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